Briefs Submitted in Item Veto Case; Oral Argument Set for Feb. 21

by Ryan Koopmans | February 8, 2012

By Ryan Koopmans

The Iowa Supreme Court will hear oral argument in Homan v. Branstad on February 21, in a special 7:00 p.m. session.  The parties filed their final briefs last Monday; they’re linked below. 

Iowa’s Constitution provides that the “governor may approve appropriation bills in whole or in part, and may disapprove any item of an appropriation bill.”  Last year, Governor Branstad vetoed  provisions of an appropriation bill related to the closure of Workforce Development offices.  The Supreme Court will consider whether those provisions were items under the Constitution. 

[Disclosure: Nyemaster Goode attorneys Richard Sapp and Ryan Koopmans represent Governor Branstad in this matter.]

Opening Brief for Governor Terry E. Branstad

Opening Brief and Reply Brief for Danny Homan et al.

Reply Brief for Governor Terry E. Branstad




Iowa Supreme Court: It is not enough to say that a cow does not belong on a highway

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Not without more, the Iowa Supreme Court said in a

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