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Spencer Cady

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A solid understanding of the factors a court uses to decide a legal issue has helped Spencer Cady advocate effectively for his clients. With his professional and personal judicial relationships and case experience as a background, Spencer knows how analyze litigation from the neutral perspective of the court. He views each case as a unique puzzle and works to piece together how the facts coincide with the law. His big-picture view assists him effectively advocate for his clients to achieve their goals through the trial and appellate process.

Leslie Behaunek

As a litigator, Leslie Behaunek addresses diverse business disputes every day. Using skills honed as a judicial clerk, Leslie models the quality written and oral advocacy she saw in the courts. Leslie has experience litigating ERISA life, health, and disability benefits cases; ERISA and breach of fiduciary class actions; finance lease enforcement matters; bankruptcy matters; and healthcare and labor and employment claims. She provides representation before the Iowa appellate courts and the Eighth Circuit. A strong involvement with outside activities expands Leslie’s view of law and keeps her connected to the broader Iowa community.

Matt McGuire

A successful litigant tells a compelling story. Matt McGuire draws on his background in journalism to ensure his clients’ stories resonate with the court. Applying his experience handling litigation and antitrust matters at a large law firm in Washington, D.C., Matt acts as an effective advocate in all aspects of his clients’ business. His current commercial and business litigation practice also builds on his judicial clerkship, which provided valuable perspective on the litigation experience—perspective he now applies to his clients’ cases.

Rox Laird

Although he is not a lawyer, Rox Laird has written about the courts, legal issues, and constitutional law for more than three decades. An editorial writer at The Des Moines Register and a reporter at the Des Moines Tribune, he specialized in writing about the First Amendment and public access to government information. He was recognized by the Iowa Supreme Court in 2015 for his “strong voice in support of justice.” He has been recognized by the Iowa Association for Justice and Iowa Legal Aid for his writing. Laird has contributed to On Brief: Iowa’s Appellate Blog since 2016.

Chris Slack

For On Brief, Chris Slack compiles information and assists with behind-the-scenes logistics and tracking, ensuring the appellate cases noted on the blog are recorded accurately, status updates are made, and the process is handled efficiently.


Iowa Supreme Court: It is not enough to say that a cow does not belong on a highway

Was it enough for a truck driver who struck a cow on the interstate, seeking to prove the cow’s owner was negligent, to rely upon the very fact that the cow had been allowed to wander onto the highway in the first place?

Not without more, the Iowa Supreme Court said in a


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