Work of Iowa Supreme Court continues during summer break between terms

by Rox Laird | July 26, 2023

Since the Iowa Supreme Court ended its 2022-23 term June 30 with release of all remaining decisions, the justices have been spending the summer months on court administration matters that could affect the practice of law and operation of Iowa courts for years to come.

Among the items on the Court’s administrative term agenda are proposed rules governing court proceedings conducted remotely, and revised rules of appellate procedure.

Chief Justice Susan Christensen appointed a task force last spring to propose rules to guide the courts in using videoconferencing technology during any future pandemic and to increase the efficiency of the courts. [See our earlier post on the Task Force proposals here.]

The deadline is Aug. 3 for submitting comments to the Court on the proposed remote proceedings rules. Comments submitted previously may be found here.

The Court is also reviewing public comments previously submitted regarding proposed amendments to Chapter 6 of the Iowa Court Rules of Appellate Procedure.

Meanwhile, the justices will consider applications for interlocutory appeal, such as the one filed by the State appealing a Polk County District Court injunction blocking enforcement of the recently enacted fetal heartbeat abortion ban. The Court granted the State’s application July 25.

Also, the Court will consider applications for further review of Court of Appeals decisions, hear attorney discipline reinstatement matters, and consider juvenile justice issues in their administrative term.

The Court’s 2023-24 adjudicative term begins Sept. 1 and the justices will hear oral arguments beginning Sept. 13.







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