The final round of oral arguments for the Iowa Supreme Court’s 2018-19 term set for April 9

by Rox Laird | April 8, 2019

The Iowa Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments in five cases on April 9, and nine other cases will be submitted to the court without oral argument. Three cases will be argued beginning at 9 a.m., and two will be argued beginning at 1:30 p.m.

Go to the On Brief Cases in the Pipeline page to read briefs in these cases.

With the submission of the final 14 cases in April, the Court will have heard a total of 104 cases, including 12 attorney discipline cases. As of April 5, the justices had decided 54 cases. Assuming no last-minute cases are added between now and the end of the term, there will be 50 cases to be decided, or an average of about 4 decisions per day over the 12 decision days remaining on the calendar.

Loading the schedule with 14 cases in a single day is not typical, but this has not been a typical term for the Court, with two retirements and the arrival of two new justices. Indeed, 28 cases were resubmitted to the Court following the addition of Justice Christopher McDonald in February so that he could participate in those decisions.

The April 9 oral arguments are the final scheduled arguments for the Court’s 2018-19 term. The justices are scheduled to meet privately six more times in the remainder of this term to discuss opinions or applications for further review before they begins the two-month administrative term in July.


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